Keeping track of all your business receipts can be a time-consuming exercise. So, why not let us do it for you?

You can email across receipts, pop them in the post, or drop them round to our offices in Surfleet Seas End.


We will use this information to provide you with monthly or quarterly reports on how your business is doing.


It will also make completion of your year-end accounts, VAT returns and/or tax returns much quicker and easier... saving you money!



Year-end accounts

Year-end accounts must be filed with Companies House for all limited companies. We will prepare abbreviated accounts for this purpose to ensure the minimum amount of information is publicly available on your company. However, we can also prepare more detailed accounts to accompany your tax return and give you a better understanding of the numbers behind your business.


If you are a sole trader, there is no requirement to file year-end accounts. However they will be needed to prepare your tax return and they are also useful in support of a mortgage application or raising of business finance.


Tax returns

We use your year-end accounts to calculate your tax liability and complete your tax return. We will also file your return with HM Revenues and Customs and liaise with you on amounts to be paid and due dates.

VAT returns

You can provide us with a list of all expenditure/receipts using our Excel-based template from which we calculate your VAT liability, or you can use our book-keeping services explained above.


Once we have calculated your VAT, we will deal with all correspondence with HM Revenues and Customs on your behalf. We can also offer advice on VAT schemes that may be available to you and assist with VAT registration/de-registration.

Tax Planning

We can help on a wide range of issues including business structure, succession planning, business disposal, employee remuneration packages and inheritance tax planning.


It is critical for any business that employees are paid accurately and on time. We can manage the whole process for you, providing you with payslips for your employees, and reporting figures and other information to HM Revenues and Customs.


Company Secretarial

We ensure incorporated company clients comply with the filing and other regulations of Companies House. We are able to provide at our premises a registered office address, separate from the company's trading address or the director's home address, and also act as Company Secretary, if required. The company secretarial compliance service includes the completion and filing of all required forms including annual returns, the update and maintenance of statutory registers and the completion of minutes of both members' and directors' meetings.